WordPress Services

We offer a wide range of WordPress services to help you get your site (or blog) running well.

We can design both custom and basic sites for your business, as well as tweak your existing WordPress website to run smoother, faster, and better. We offer several standard packages to help you with different aspects of your WordPress-powered website and we are always willing to work with you if you need something different.

Below, you will find a list of what we can do to help your business present a professional internet image.


WordPress Services: Hosting

WordPress Site Hosting

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Don’t have a hosting service? Don’t know which hosting service to pick? Which ones are good and which ones promise more than they deliver? We can help you sort it all out.

We maintain hosting service with a top-ranked US-based provider and will arrange top-quality, affordable hosting services for your company website or blog.


Our standard hosting package includes…

  • Your WordPress site will be hosted on a highly available server
  • It will be maintained in a temperature-controlled server room featuring redundant power systems
  • It will have high-speed internet connection
  • Nightly backups of your site and (more importantly) content


Where you host your WordPress site will impact the availability and performance of your website or blog. Let us use our experience to ensure you attract the most business for your company or page views for your blog through reliable, fast, and always available hosting.



WordPress Services: Custom WordPress Sites

Do you want more features than a default WordPress installation can offer? We will set up any type of WordPress website you may need. Let us develop a custom WordPress site that allows your company or organization reach its full online potential.


Our standard customization package includes…

  • Up to 2 hours of design and consultation
  • Installation and configuration of custom components and plug-ins
  • Installation and configuration of premium theme
  • Mobile-site setup and customization
  • Logo and graphics design


If your needs are different than our standard package offers, as with all of our services, we are happy to work with you to tailor design your online presence. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. We may even have some ideas for your company’s website that you didn’t know were possible.



WordPress Services: Installation

Wordpress Installation and basic setup

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We can perform a professional installation of the WordPress software including your choice of free basic theme, connection to WordPress Jetpack, and basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of this service. In addition, we will spend up to 2 hours providing one-on-one instruction to help you get familiar with your new WordPress site.


Our standard WordPress installation package includes…

  • Installation of the latest version of WordPress
  • Application of the latest patches and security updates
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Your choice of theme from the WordPress Themes Directory
  • Installation and connection to WordPress Jetpack
  • Up to 2 hours of instruction to help familiarize you with your new WordPress site


If you need something different than the items listed above for your WordPress installation, please let us know. We pride ourselves on flexibility and we will certainly work out an installation package that meets your specific needs.



WordPress Services: Site Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

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Let us help keep your site running smoothly. We take the hassle out of maintaining a WordPress site by making sure everything is backed up and updated. We take care of the WordPress software, theme and, plugin updates so that you can concentrate on your business or creation of great content for your blog.


Our standard site maintenance package includes…

  • Timely WordPress security patching
  • Installation of required plug-in updates and fixes
  • Theme updates
  • Security patching
  • Performance and change management reports


Proper site maintenance is what keeps a well-designed website or blog secure and responsive. Failure to keep it properly maintained is akin to buying a $100,000 Ferrari then not changing the oil. You wouldn’t do that to a Ferrari, so why would you do that to your company website or blog?

We will even help if we didn’t build your site. Let us use our experience of maintaining web servers to keep your site running smoothly.



WordPress Services: Performance Optimization

WordPress Performance Tuning

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Page speed plays an important factor in Google search rankings and without the proper optimization most WordPress sites don’t fare very well when it comes to page speed. We can help with that. This service includes comparison (before and after) performance reports.


Our standard Performance package includes…

  • Configuration of a Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Performance optimization of graphics
  • Installation and configuration of a caching system
  • Optimization of your website’s database
  • Minifying content


If you want your WordPress website or blog to be presented on the first page by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it will need be optimized for speed and performance. Let us help you get there and performance optimize your page.



WordPress Services: Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

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Social media is an important factor in any major marketing or SEO plan in today’s internet world. We will set up your company website or blog to automatically upload your new posts to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help attract a larger audience.


We specialize in WordPress website integration with:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Pinterest


We will also help you hook your site into web indexes. We will set up Google Author Tags and help you submit your company press releases or blog content to Google News.

We even help you create attractive and functional social media share buttons for your website to make it easy for your followers to spread the word about your company or blog.

The sky’s the limit! Contact us and find out what we can do for you.